5 Good Reasons to have a Well Designed Business Website
11th October 2013
SEO & Marketing

5 Good Reasons to have a Well Designed Business Website

1. More Business

No matter what your industry or what you do, someone, somewhere is looking for whatever it is you do. Having a well designed website, one that’s google friendly and provides the exact functions your customers need, people are going to find you. A great website is the best salesperson you’ll ever have, and it’s a perfect way to attract new customers and generate more revenue for your business. It may even become your business’ main revenue stream!

There are millions (even billions!) of dollars of untapped business in the online wilds, and a well designed website aims to help your business leverage that potential. Purpose the website to always answer all of the possible expectations of your online customers; whether it’s information, products, price or quality, so a customer browsing will turn into an enquiry, and therefore more business.

2. It’s cost effective

How can a business owner increase the number of contacts, customers, sales and reduce operating expenses, all at the same time? The answer: a well designed website.

One of the ways to achieve this goal is to make your website perform the role of an extremely good salesman, only it comes without the continual overheads. Just imagine the return on that investment and you will soon come to realise that a professional website is very profitable solution.

Reduce your carbon footprint; instead of printing your ‘zillion’ page catalog and slugging through the related expenses and effort of distributing it to your customers, you can just pop it on your website, free of charge. Its content will always be current, well organised and rapid changes can be made to product information any time. Customers can find what they need faster and easier; everybody wins!

3. Get your business found

Getting pole position on a Google search result will bring new visitors, new opportunities and new dollars to your website, which will benefit you and your business.

You have to keep in mind, however, that it won’t happen overnight. To reach the first page could take two to three months depending on your industry and type of SEO strategy. If you want to be found, make yourself ‘Googley’ and invest in a professional Google friendly website and implement sound search engine practices and strategies. After all, you want to be found against your competitors.

4. Beat your Competition

Most people today use the internet to search for suppliers. Think quick: if you don’t own a decent website (or don’t own one at all), but your competition recently updated theirs, who will grab the supplier’s attention? They will gain the competitive advantage and are likely to get the business. Staying ahead is key, don’t let your competiton get the jump and invest in a website that is both attractive and informative. Become the one who’s website win’s over the new customer… not that other guy.

5. Leave a good impression

First impressions count, more so on the web. If someone stumbles across you, leave a positive impression. A great way to leave a lasting impact on a visitor is to let them know all about you, your products or services, where you are, how to contact you, all on a professional looking website. Remember, put yourself in your customer’s shoes and anticipate the answers to all their online conundrums, whatever they may be. Do that and each of those visitors are more likely to convert into a genuine lead.